Starbucks Gives Demi Lovato Custom Cup

Demi Lovato might be a mega star, but the true Starbucks fan was upset that she had to keep telling the barista’s her name. The poor girl took it to Twitter and shared that she didn’t feel like she made it because no one there recognized her. So fans started telling Starbucks what they thought and the mega coffee chain responded with a cute tweet and gift for Demi! They made her a cup of her own with her name on it and what appears to be Hollywood Stars of Fame kind of star on it! It seems like Demi finally had her dream come true and should no longer have to worry about her coffee being mixed up by the barista’s everywhere. As for Demi’s tweet, here is what she complained.

You know you’ve made it when they get your name at Starbucks……. Still hasn’t happened yet.

Starbucks responded with this tweet-

@ddlovato let me give your heart a break – trust me you’ve made it! #putdemisnameonastarbuckscup

Talk about good brand response! Hopefully Demi can now go all around and show her support for Starbucks loudly. Best of all, her coffee should no longer be nameless at the time of her ordering. It seems like the best solution they could offer and it pretty darn cute if I even have to say so myself! I can see these becoming a hot item among her fans who will want to be as cool as she will be at Starbucks from now on.

How do you feel about Starbucks response? Was it proper or not? I think it was and I love how classy they were about it. While some might say it was silly of Demi to wish for this, it could have been extremely brand damaging and for them to take control of it was wonderful. This will certainly give them a push in PR and best of all, it won’t really cost them all that much. So major kudos to Starbucks on all of this!

article source-Cambio image source-Starbucks (via Twitter)

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