PURE Glass Bottle – The Search For The Perfect Water Bottle

PURE Glass Bottle – The Search For The Perfect Water Bottle

The perfect water bottle has always been the elusive dream for many people and Pure comes closer than I have seen in my travels for both kids and adults. Plastic bottles get left in the car and become deformed, make your water taste like plastic, grow mold in them, become hard to clean, and get stained by powered drinks. Steel bottles leave a funny taste to the water, in my opinion, and glass bottles can be scary to give your children in case of breakage. Aluminum is just linked to way too many bad things, so no bottles out of that. So what are we really left with? As a household we had decided to just keep using bottled water which is not “green” and still has some of the issues of the plastic bottles, but we knew there had to be a better way.

There is A LOT to like about the PURE Glass Bottle and it is the closest we have come to the “perfect” water bottle in our house hold. You have all the benefits of glass without any of the breakage problems or the need to keep it in a sleeve to protect it. We were given the Traveler which is 17.5 Oz and the Explorer which was 25 Oz to test with both the kids and their activities as well as a water bottle to take to the office.

Let us start off with all of the good stuff for the Pure Bottles. The coating that protects the bottle from showering you with glass should the impact resistant bottle break also allows you to have a bit of a grip on it as well. That should help you from dropping the bottle as often and having to test the limits of the impact resistant coating. Now should you actually break the bottle not to worry about cleaning up glass as it acts a bit like a windshield where you can see the cracks but the shards of glass should stay put. We were even shown a broken bottle so we can confirm this wonderful ability. The fact that you can easily add ice or fruit or powder to the drink is great with the larger opening, and to tell you the truth, I like the larger opening for drinking from. Also because they are clear the drink just seems more refreshing and that helps me to drink more which helps me keep the pounds off. Whatever you are drinking actually tastes as you would expect it to because the glass does not change the taste of the drink. To top it off you tell me they are dishwasher safe? Awesome, plus I can see and clean any area in the bottle easily if I did not want to use the dishwasher. Nothing hiding in the corners of your bottle. You have really come up with bottle that everyone should be using!

For the children seeing the clear bottle entices them to drink more (at least that is what the boys told me) and this helps them to keep hydrated during their sports. Plus they love adding the ice or sliced fruit to the water and since they can see it they find that to be a huge “cool” factor. Even getting put at the bottom the sports bag the bottles have held up perfect. We have also found that the bigger opening helps them drink more (my kids cant drink out of small topped water bottles well for some reason) so they don’t try to suck the water out of a plastic bottle through the smaller opening at the top. If the bottle breaks, you also are not worrying about your children getting cut up by the glass. I would just suggest that you remind them if it does crack, to not use it anymore and just bring it home for disposal.

The only thing that I was not overly enthused about would be the tops to both of the bottles, they were just not up to the standard of the rest of the bottle with the Traveler top being the better of the two. I felt like the Traveler top could have used one more thread on it to really snug the top and the top on the Explorer just seemed a bit thin and felt like you could strip it if you closed it to hard. Very minor complaints on a product that was top-notch, but it does keep me from giving it the title of “Super Best Water Bottle Ever To Be Invented For All Time”. Easily something that could be corrected though from a manufacturing standpoint.

PURE Glass Bottle is near perfect in the ability to keep a “green”, clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing bottle that keeps your drinks tasting the way nature intended.

(Baltimore Maryland) – For most people, glass bottles are the preferred choice of a drink container for better taste, cleanliness and fewer health risks. But the challenge with glass has always been its durability and the risk of shattering – that is until now. PURE Glass Bottle is a new portable re-usable glass drinking bottle that allows people to enjoy that pure taste of their favorite beverage in glass without worrying about spills or injury resulting from broken glass.

Patent pending SafeShell technology is used to apply a clear protective coating to the outside of the glass bottle to create a protective covering. If the glass does break, the coating encapsulates all the glass and liquid preventing messes and injuries from the breakage. The exterior of the bottle remains smooth to the touch so it can be disposed of or recycled safely and easily.

“The SafeShell technology alleviates peoples’ fear of carrying glass bottles outside of the home,” says PURE Glass Bottle, Inc. President Walt Himelstein. The bottles are 100% recyclable and BPA free. The coating is also slip resistant making it easier to handle than other re-usable glass bottles. Although no glass container is shatter-proof, the PURE Glass Bottle is shatter-resistant and much tougher to break than standard glass. The product was designed to help consumers save money and the environment by reusing the bottles over and over again, thereby eliminating the need to buy bottled drinks. The wide mouth design of the PURE Glass Bottle makes it easy to add ice, protein powder, water flavoring or any beverage.

Two styles are available: the 17.5 oz Traveler; and the 25 oz Explorer. Both styles come with a selection of convenient tops and handles.

Note: PURE Glass Bottle products were provided for review by PURE Glass Bottle

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  1. Max Brown

    October 4, 2012 at 9:45 am

    This is one very cool water bottle and we are all for the change from plastic bottles to re-usable vessels for hydration. It is good to see that it is also tough and not easy to bread.
    We’ll check it out.

    • Damon Cap

      October 4, 2012 at 10:00 am

      Yeah it is real nice, I know it has already helped me drink more water.

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