Missy Franklin Heads To Pretty Little Liars

When you think of Olympic winners, you may often think of all their endorsement deals and speaking gigs. This year’s current trend for post-Olympic jobs appear to very different for the London 2012 Summer Olympic winners. Missy Franklin has been confirmed to guest star on an upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. Missy will be playing herself in an episode where she meets with Emily (Shay Mitchell) for coffee. Right now we are not sure when the Gold medalist’s episode will air, however we can expect that it will likely air on the fall season which kicks off with the upcoming Halloween episode.

This is good news for her and while it isn’t really much of a role, it will give a taste of acting. I personally hope that the winners will have a nice break before they are expected to head back for more work or new jobs. They worked so hard and I suppose that is partly why so many are having guest star roles that do not place them as characters. However, we’re still waiting for Missy’s episode hasn’t been unveiled as of yet. I am sure while we approach closer to it, then we will hear more about the role. In the mean time, we can hope that Missy is lining up some new, big projects while she is relaxing after her hectic summer.

How do you feel about this news? Do you wish that we knew more about her upcoming role? I do, but I understand that as a series they have a lot of paperwork and chances are a lot of crazy behind the scenes security as well for someone like Missy to appear on the show. However, I do feel like they could have provide us a little more info than they did for the sake of fans of the show and Missy.

article source-Entertainment Weekly

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