Austin Mahone Sings In London For First Time

Austin Mahone has been having a good year so far, he just got signed and has plans to release his first official single. Now he has made his first trip ever to London, where he was able to perform his single “Say Somthin” while he is over there. Austin who owes a lot to his fans, he has decided to film a video of his trip and performance for them to enjoy. Austin happily had someone follow him and film his first time in the UK, which seems to be a marker for his success right now. You can view his vlog and performance down below if you want to get a taste of what Austin has been up to as of late. As for his reaction to performing in London, here is what he said.

I thought only 50 people would show up today to my Meet N Greet in London..It ended up being a couple thousand lol I was shocked!!! All my beautiful Londonese girls! ❤ I LOVE YOU ❤ Thank you..UK Mahomies Go Hard!!!!(:

It sounds like Austin is so proud if where he is going with his career. Hopefully we can see a lot more of his future shows due to him loving to share his special moments with fans. Granted, I realize that might be far away thanks to how busy he is when it comes to recording his debut album. It seems like a nice touch he can do for his fans who helped him reach his goal to become signed so he can live his dreams. So I do hope that he does do more sharing of these kind of moments though.

How do you feel about him sharing those moments? I love them and I hope that he is able to do more of them because fans love bonus footage like this. It allows those of his fans who couldn’t attend his special show a chance to live that moment with Austin, even though it was done in the past. It is still a nice effort of him and I am sure his fans will always remember it as well, so it will certainly not go un-noticed by his fans.

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