Vampire Diaries’ Zach Roerig Talks About Staying Human

Another season of The Vampire Diaries is set to premiere next month in October and CW has started their promotional tour for the series. We have already seen stills and TV spot for the season premiere, as well as an interview with Kat Graham. But they still haven’t felt like we have had enough of these and they just released a new interview with Zach Roerig. He talks about season 3 and how it affected his character Matt, along with what he hopes for Matt this season! You can hear what he all had to say in the interview down below. As for when the season premiere “Growing Pains” airs, it will make the TV debut on October 11th.

Matt certainly hasn’t had the best season 3, but I think we should start expecting a more important role for him this year. While it does remain to be seen if he will stay human or not, it should be interesting to see how he will change in the fourth season after everything that has happened to him. It seems almost impossible for him not to change after everything he went through. If that was the case, he certainly wouldn’t be human by now.

How do you like Zach’s character, Matt? Should he stay human or what do you think should happen to him this season? Well, I hope that he will stay around and we get to see something good actually happen to him this time around. I feel like he had the short end of the stick last season and I don’t feel as if that was fair for him. The simple fact that he had to put his own life in danger for others and essentially not gain anything for himself in the long run. However, it does help to make for an exciting plot that keeps viewers tuned in. So I suppose it is a benefit for his job, but not his for his character.

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