Selena Gomez Fights In New Hotel Transylvania Clip

As we approach closer to the premiere of Selena Gomez’s Hotel Transylvania on September 28th, we get to see a new side of her character Mavis with her father Dracula (who is voiced by Adam Sandler). In the new clip, Mavis fights with her father over growing up and being free from the hotel, like rest of the other adults. It is a cute video that reminds us that even paranormal characters can have tough parents, which might be tough to believe when you consider her father is a vampire! Anyways, you can see the cute clip down below to see just how good Selena and Adam’s dynamic was in the movie.

I will say that just by this clip, Selena clearly shows that she hasn’t lost her touch as a sassy teen! However, I do think we all can agree that she is likely itching for a more serious role outside of teen ones. I think that is natural when you consider her playing on Disney and then moving on to teen films. She certainly is old enough now for more serious roles and I think we all should give her chance in them. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy her as a fun teen anymore either.

How do you like the clip? Does their dynamic work in your eyes? I think they really sounded like father and daughter, which is a great connection to make in voice acting. Selena and Adam certainly make a team in this film by the looks of it. It would be great to see those two working together again, maybe in a sequel? I know that I am going out on a limb to suggest that, but by the looks of it the movie I think we all can all say that it will be a hit.

arricle source-Disney InfoNet

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