Miley Cyrus’ Sister Wants One Direction For Birthday

Miley Cyrus might be famous, but her sister may not think that Miley is the cats meow. Miley recently shared a photo of a screen shot from a text from her 12 year old sister Noah Cyrus. She was asking Miley to help her bring One Direction for her birthday since she has nothing more that she wants then them. She then added that their mother asked her to text Miley to find out if she was able to get One Direction booked. Miley of course took it public by laughing at it and wondering how they can be for real on it. Sadly, we don’t know if Miley will try to make Noah’s dream come true or not. Here is the full text that Noah sent Miley.

I’m literally obsessed with One Direction and I want them to be at my birthday party more than anything I told mom if I got them to be able to be at my my birthday. I told her I wouldn’t ask for anything else is there anything u could possibly do to at least try to make it happen? Mom said she doesn’t think that could happen and it will cost to much money but I love them so

I can see why Miley would laugh at it. I think it would make anyone laugh since it is pretty strange of a request to make. Yes, she is famous but I am not sure if she holds any clout on booking other big acts. She doesn’t get a free pass in life for everything that she wants. She has to play by rules and I would assume that her mother would know that out of all of them. But it seems like they still are convinced that Miley can bend the rules, which I am sure she isn’t willing to do for a party.

How do you feel about Miley’s reaction? Do you think that she was right to laugh it off? I do and I hope that she lets her sister know the truth. Miley cannot just summon whoever she wants to do stuff for her, she is busy and I am sure she understands that they are as well. However, I will say that I do hope Miley and their mom can find some sort of middle ground to give Noah a great birthday party to make up for the lack of 1D.

image source-Miley Cyrus (via Twitter) article source-Cambio

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