If you’ve been craving the McRib sandwich that usually arrives the mid-fall, you may be in for a slight disappointment. It was reported that McDonald’s plans on delaying this sandwich until December.

Every year, the fast food giant debuts their famous sandwich in October and it lasts through early November. This year, they’re moving down further to the holiday season in hopes to get even more sales. Just last year, the unseasonably warmer weather and it helped boost the sales by 9.8%. Richard Adams, a consultant for restaurants, said “”There must be great concern at McDonald’s home office over winter-sales challenges, because it’s very unusual to make changes to the marketing plan only a few months before the fourth quarter, the most important quarter on the calendar.”

It’s quite a disappointment that we will have to wait for later on this year for their popular sandwich. It’s so popular, you really have to wonder why they release this menu item only once a year but I’m guessing it’s to get more money during a limited time.

Are you disappointed that McDonald’s is delaying the McRib this year? Do you think this might affect the restaurant chain in a negative way?

Article source from Money MSN