Liam Hemsworth Becomes Spokesperson for Bench Fashion

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth is joining the likes of many other stars by becoming the public face for a brand. Over the past summer he joined Bench/ clothing, which is based out of the Philippines as their public face. He has already done his first shoot and the photos are being released along with the behind the scenes video. The shoot’s photographer Giuliano Bekor recently shared a few of the photos from the shoot and one featured Liam with a lion! Yes, pretty exciting for the actor whom is tied in a high profile relationship and movie. He could also use this gig to get ideas for his and Miley Cyrus’ dreamed male fashion line. You can view the photos at the photographers official website, while watching the video down below.

I am glad that Liam had the chance to be a face for a brand, even though he really won’t be all that known for it here in the US. I am sure he must feel proud of his work. He certainly does make a good model. So I can see him using this gig as a stepping stone for even more future gigs if he wishes to do. However, I will admit that I do think he should try to land a similar gig here to help kind of bring him back to focus and not be drowned out by those who surround him.

How do you like the photos? I think they came out great, but posing with a lion isn’t something that anybody should risk. While it does help to make their spreads look grand, I also feel like that Liam could do that by himself. Everyone can agree that he is certainly eye candy and I don’t think posing with wild animals will help him prove that he is more than a pretty face. It just seems like a risk that they didn’t need to make, than in the end put them in more danger than they should.

article source-The Hob

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