Justin Bieber – My Mom Almost Named Me Jesse

Recently Justin Bieber and his mother Pattie Mallette talked to Ryan Seacrest to help promote his book and album. The topic went to his name, which millions of girls scream at concerts and events that he attends. Pattie admits that Justin wasn’t her first choice, in fact she says she was going to name him Jesse. However, once she met her son she realized that name was not meant for him and picked Justin. Luckily Justin is happy with the name that she did give him, and even expressed that if he had a different name it would be strange to him (however, he would have only known that name and his current name would likely sound strange to him). Here are what they both said in terms of his possible name.

Pattie shares-

I called him Jesse the whole pregnancy. And then, once he was born, I was like, ‘No, he doesn’t look like a Jesse.’

Justin responded with the following-

I feel that I’m not a Jesse. That would have been weird.

I have to say, I think we all are shocked by this news. Nobody can picture him being called anything else but Justin, so it is a fun idea to try to picture him being called Jesse. However, I think we all can agree that his mom made the right choice with his name. Justin fits him a whole lot better than Jesse and I also think it sounds better with his last name when you consider it. It is more catchy and can stick to your mind way easier.

How do you feel about this story? Does he look like a Jesse or a Justin to you? I say Justin, but that is because that is who we know he is. I do love that his mom is being honest and talked about her struggles with him and being a teen mom. It must be nice for her to know that he has a solid career and seems to be on the right path. Plus he seems like he is one to spoil his family, which I am sure she is more than fine with that. After all, who wouldn’t be?

article source-Disney Dreaming

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