Demi Lovato Spat On Simon & Dishes On Auto Tune

The X-Factor‘s second season has barely been on and new judge Demi Lovato has a few things to clear up already. During an interview with Rikki Martinez, she was asked about how she handled the angry contestant who claimed that she uses auto-tune (even in performances). Demi says that she doesn’t remember if she did keep her cool or not, but maintains that she does not use it and since she knew that it wasn’t hard to not to responded to such a claim. She was then asked about spitting in Simon Cowell’s hands and she goes into detail on why she did such a thing. You can hear the full story down below this post. For those worried about being grossed out, don’t worry Demi’s tale isn’t as bad as it sounds.

I have to say she is one heck of a sassy person! As for her comments about auto-tune, I believe her. She clearly sings live and you can tell that by how loud her voice goes sometimes above the background singers, which shows that they are not making the volumes change. Plus her performances are always strong and her band is clearly playing live as well. I am not sure someone would make that accusation against her, but she did handle it well. Demi is someone that I think we could call a class act.

How do you like Demi’s story? I like it and I certainly do not blame her for spitting in Simon’s hands. He certainly thinks he can walk on people and she helps to make the game a more even playing field. Maybe he will now learn that you cannot walk on your employees? Hopefully, but I do suspect that won’t be the case. As for her comments on the whole auto-tune, I love them and she has proven herself to be a great vocalist who doesn’t need to use auto-tune. Best of all, she proved that even more by keeping herself calm and proving she has nothing to be ashamed of in her live shows.

article source-Disney InfoNet

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  1. Brian

    September 21, 2012 at 1:31 am

    Many people are clearly misguided on how autotune works both live and in the studio. Ms. Lovato most definitely uses autotune on her recorded material. The first three songs on Unbroken are most certainly and clearly autotuned. It’s definitely detectable by the human ear. Now, whether it is used for effect or for pitch reasons is entirely unknown. Some producers use autotune as vocal effect rather than to correct the pitch (even though it does both).

    Live vocals, on the other hand, use a different device to accomplish the same task and are built to handle live vocals. Most live vocalists who employ it, use minimal correction. That is, enough to get the job done, but not enough to hear it (unless used as an effect). Note, autotune does not change the volume of the vocals in any way. It subtly alters the pitch alone. You can sing loudly or as softly as you like and it will still do its job. So, it can be used live and remain mostly undetectable. Whether she uses it live, I do not know as I have not heard her live. Considering that Unbroken heavily employs the effect on those songs, to reproduce that same vocal sound live you would have to use it. It’s that simple. So, it’s likely she does use it live to help her reproduce the studio sound of Unbroken.

    I really don’t know why artists have to try and deny their use of it. Just embrace it and move on. There is nothing to be embarrassed about here.

  2. Ryan Smith

    September 24, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    You call yourself a journalist? This entire article is just you kissing Demi Lovato’s a**. Real journalism involves gathering facts to inform your readers on the situation. The only evidence you show to prove that she doesn’t use auto tune is just you saying “I believe her”. Look at what Brian wrote in the comment before me. He’s using hard facts and scientific knowledge to prove that she does in fact use auto tune and that you are an incompetent journalist. I really ought to stop using the term “journalist” when referring to you. You’re just an ignorant, biased blogger.

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