Madison Pettis Dishes On Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky – Interview

Madison Pettis Dishes On Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky – Interview

We recently caught up with Madison Pettis, who voices Izzy in Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She talked about their upcoming TV special that will be 45 minutes long called Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky (which you will find a clip of down at bottom of the interview), as well as what we can expect for the series future. It should be noted that this is their second special, with the first one airing back in February 2012. However, this one is on a special day-International Talk Like A Pirate Day! You can find out what she all had to say about fame, the series and its future. She also gives advice to other young hopefuls who want to break into the voice acting.

Here is what she all shared with us and her fans-

Sarah (BSCKids): Hi Madison. First of all, let me thank you for taking the time out today to do the interview with us at BSC Kids. We really appreciate it.

Madison: No problem! Thank you.

Sarah (BSCKids): So we hear about this upcoming special for Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky, that is set to premiere on September 19th. Can you tell us any info about that we may not know?

Madision: Yes, so on the Jake Saves Bucky special, it actually airs on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so that super cute. Everyone watching can talk along with us like a pirate. (laughs)

Sarah (BSCKids): That’s very cute.

Madison: But the storyline is that in the Neverland Pirate Code of Rules, our ship Bucky has to have a race with Jolly Roger, so our crew has to reverse their crew and if we lose, Captain Hook gets control of Bucky. So, we freak out and don’t want to lose Bucky so we turn to Peter Pan to see what advice he has for us.

Sarah (BSCKids): Sounds very interesting.

Madison: Yeah, it’s a super cute episode. I love the special.

Sarah (BSCKids): Does that mean you’ve already seen it then?

Madison: No I haven’t seen it but it was a super fun to record.

Sarah (BSCKids): Sounds like it would be.

Madison: Yeah

Sarah (BSCKids): Since it will be on National Talk Like A Pirate Day, do you think that it will give it a special edge (or) an extra boost of viewers?

Madison: I think it will be fun cause it’s interactive. You know people can celebrate and dress like a pirate while their talking like a pirate. I think that’s super cute.

Sarah (BSCKids): How do you think this special differs from the regular series?

Madison: I always love it when we have specials because there’s like a big storyline to it, there’s always some sort of emotion with Bucky. We freak out that we’re almost going to lose him. So there’s always more fun, challenging things to do with those storylines. There’s more adventure, and a lot of fun.

Sarah (BSCKids): Okay. How does it feel to be part of a series that has taken off to become the hit it is today.

Madison: It’s amazing. I get tweets every day saying “Oh my little brother loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates” or “My little sister wants to be like Izzy”. I love little kids and whenever I see them, they come up and say “Izzy!”. It’s just the cutest thing ever for me and now they’re going to have Halloween costumes for Izzy. That is the craziest thing ever. People will be dressing like me for Halloween, like that’s the cutest thing ever. I’m gonna go trick-or-treating this year just to see people dress like Izzy.

Sarah (BSCKids): That sounds like that would be a fun thing and at the same time, it’s got to freak you out a little bit.

Madison: I know!

Sarah (BSCKids): So, did you guys expect the series to become the hit that it is?

Madison: I knew the super cute storyline. And everyone loves Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Peter Pan, so having those like classic characters in it, I think makes everyone also love it more.

Sarah (BSCKids): Are you anything like your character Izzy in real life?

Madison: I am a lot like Izzy, she’s really spunky and all about girl power and she’s always willing to help a hand. And she’s really sweet and kind. She’s super sweet. I love Izzy.

Sarah (BSCKids): Can we expect anymore specials for Jake and the Neverland pirates? Or what do you think fans and viewers can expect next?

Madison: Yeah, there’s a bunch of new specials. We just finished a two-hour special, so that’s a big one.

Sarah (BSCKids): That had to be exciting to record for and prepare.

Madison: Yeah, I love those. It’s like a mini-movie.

Sarah (BSCKids): Do you think there’s ever going to be a movie?

Madison: I would love that. I think that’s a definite possibility with Captain Hook and Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, all of that. I think that would be super cool to have a feature film. I would love to do that.

Sarah (BSCKids): What do you think we can expect from the series? Can we expect more seasons?

Madison: You can expect to see more Peter Pan. He comes back quite a few times, which is always a big deal for us on Neverland. Peter Pan is like Neverland’s hero, so having him is a big deal and he comes back quite a few times.

Sarah (BSCKids): So you mentioned previously that fans come up to you saying that they recognize you,despite that it’s an animated show.

Madison: Yeah, I love that when fans come up to me and tell me that the like watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It’s so cute and I mean little kids are always precious, I would pick them up and hug them, and it’s just the cutest thing ever.

Sarah (BSCKids): Can you go out to regular places without being asked by fans for autographs or maybe photos? Is it still pretty easy to day to day living without fans?

Madison: I mean wherever I go, there are usually a couple fans, mostly like teenage girls who come up to me and I love that. It doesn’t get too crazy unless I’m at like a Taylor Swift concert and I’m tweeting that I’m there, then people know, otherwise it’s just like select people. And I love my fans that are sweet and have such nice things to say. It’s cool meeting people in real life.

Sarah (BSCKids): How did you land the role of Izzy on the show?

Madison: I auditioned for Jake and the Neverland Pirates a few years ago, maybe three years ago. I think I was starting middle school around the time I got the Jake and the Neverland Pirates,so I’ve been doing this for quite a while and I love it.

Sarah (BSCKids): Were you nervous when you did the voice audition for it or did you think you were going to get it? What kind of advice would you give to those who want to be on a show doing voice acting?

Madison: You know I was so excited when I got to audition for Izzy cause I think she’s just like the cutest character and I love her spunk and sass. I thought she was so much fun to play. And I love her catchphrases and that she gets to play with pixie dust and fly. Everything about her is so cute, so I was super excited to audition for her.

Sarah (BSCKids): Any advice for fans who may want to join that industry?

Madison: I think acting classes and trying to get involved wherever you live. At school you wanna participate in a play that’s fun. Take acting classes at school like I know that’s an elective for a lot of people, so definitely do that or take some outside of school. Just practice. Practice makes perfect for sure.

Sarah (BSCKids): And do you have any final thoughts that you wished to share with fans and viewers of this show.

Madison: I really hope you guys like this special and make sure you’re talking like a pirate along with us on September 19th.

Sarah (BSCKids): Thank you for taking the time for the interview.

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image source-Disney/Madison Pettis via Twitter

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