Hilary Duff Shares Photo of Baby Luca’s “Snack”

Hilary Duff is one doting mother to her new son, Luca. She has been big on sharing lovely photos of her adorable son via Twitter and she recently shared a new one of him “eating” a toy. Luca is around 4 months old now and like any baby his age, he is always tasting new things. Luckily his mother is someone who cannot get enough of her son and is more than willing to share these special moments with her fan base, even though she is busy! Hilary is back in the studio and is about to release the final book in her Elixir series will come out in April 2013. As for what she shared on Twitter with Luca’s photo, here is what she said.

Tasty toy

I swear, Hilary has grown up to such a respectable adult. She truly has expanded her career and while she did take a break for family, I think it did her some serious good. It allowed her and her husband, Mike Comrie to enjoy their newlywed life. Now she seems to be more than ready for her return to work again. I suppose Luca has reminded her that she still has a lot of talent to offer. Then again, now that her husband is no longer doing hockey, that does free up for her family to travel with her. I am sure that is a huge bonus for her and helped push her to go back to work.

How do you like the photo of Luca? He is a beautiful baby and I love that she is so devoted to him. She just breams with love for her little guy! She hardly ever not tweets about him, she has made sure that everyone knows just how important he is to her. She makes it pretty clear that he is her reason and I love that she loves sharing her love for him. She already sounds like an amazing mom who is releasing photos on her own term and not selling pics of her son to magazines. Major applause for her is in order.

image source-Hilary Duff (via Twitter) article source-Disney Dreaming

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  1. damian ellis

    August 5, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    hilary duff you are the best mom to you little baby boy i want to see you baby when you come to chicago you friends damian ellis can i hold you baby hilary duff

    • Abby

      August 6, 2012 at 2:31 am

      Agree. Wish she was acting, not doing music or singing. Her talent lies in acting and not recording. It would not be bad if she was like Britney who has no other talent but Hilary is a good actress. She should focus on that. And her baby too, he is so cute! I’m sure she won’t be releasing anything for a year or two and is easing in slowly but still she should not waste her real talent.

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