Disney Release Fish Hooks Science Based Game

Disney/ABC Television Group’s Digital Media just launched an app based off the hit series, Fish Hooks. It will feature Milo using physics (in bubbles of course) to find a way out of Randy’s obstacle course puzzle game. The app is free is right now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via the App Store. No word on any future Android release or not yet. Joshua Sussman and Kyle Massey reprise their roles as the voices of their characters in the game. You can catch the official trailer of it down below at the bottom of this post, while here is the list of some of game’s features.

Over 50 levels of marine madness
The ability to unlock 5 of Milo’s best friends that can be used as player characters in the game
Master the art of bouncing off turtles
Surf whirlpools, fly through tubes and free fall
Collect apples in each level and to get the highest score
Beat Randy Pincherson at his own game and win back the trophy

I am glad that the series has done well enough for a game. So far Disney has done well with their recent releases and I expect the same for this one. Parents will have a hard time to say no since it will be free and science based. That is hard for me to even say no due to its educational value. That was a smart move made by their team and who knows, they might teach kids to love science once they see the fun side of it all. Until then, we can always say that it is a game!

Are you planning to download it? I am, it sounds interesting and I am curious to see how it comes out. It sounds like some might find it tough while others will find it easy. Either way, you cannot go wrong with favorite Disney characters and that will give the game an edge I do believe. I just hope that they will release more features games like this one that will have an educational value added to it. It could become their niche and I can see it doing well with parents and kids alike. Granted, this game will likely be a test of that and I hope the rest of you plan to download it like I do just for the fun of it.

article source-Chip and Co image source-Disney

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