Disney Launches Princess Based Prom Dress Line

Disney is always working to find new ways to bring in new money and they found a new way that uses princesses-prom dresses! Disney Consumer Products has joined with Ashdon, Inc. to release a line of prom dresses called Disney Forever Enchanted collection. The collection will kick off for the 2013 prom season with the Snow White collection, which will feature 75 different gowns to pick from. After the 2013 season, the collection will release a new line of dresses based off another princess. The dresses will be available through different retailers in the US and Canada between $300 to $800 USD.

I have to say the dresses look lovely in the pictures! I just wonder why they are charging such a high price for one dress that will be worn only once? It seems like a shame, but I guess people feel the price is worth it. I hope that they do not run out of ideas though! They only have so many princesses to work with and it sounds like that they want to be in the industry for a good while. I wonder what the whole collection will look like? I am excited to see where they take the limited edition designs. I have a feeling that these dresses will be huge on eBay, since each one is limited.

Are you excited by this news? It is pretty exciting and I am sure they will sell extremely well. I do wonder though if they will soon enough release another wedding dress line? That seems to be a step up from the prom dress one and I am sure some people would buy one. Until that (if) it happens, we can look forward to these upcoming dresses. It sounds like this line will have a lot of interest and I wouldn’t be surprised if stores will be called all the time info on when they will arrive due to the competitiveness of it all. Are you planning to wear one whenever your prom may be?

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  1. jessica

    August 26, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    they already have a wedding dress line

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