Trailer for Hunger Games Behind the Scenes DVD Extra

The Hunger Games is about to drop out on DVD and Blu-Ray next month and Lionsgate wants to support the pending release. So they decided to show us some of the extras that will be included on the DVD/Blu-Ray disc. You will get a sample of their behind the scenes feature that take us behind the set of Panem. It shows us how they built, directed and brought the story to life. We also get to see a fun side of Jennifer Lawrence, with her funny reactions to some of filming process for the hit movie. You will find the amazing sample of their offerings down below. As for when the movie comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray, it is August 8, 2012.

I am loving the special features that the are releasing. I think it really adds to the already strong movie and will help give mega fans a reason to go out and buy a copy. Plus we get to see just what they all had to put in to make it work and believable. It could not be easy thanks to Suzanne Collins fun and futuristic items that are not possible. So I do expect some of this will be surprising or at the very least interesting facts that we never knew. It will certainly be a must see for anyone who loved the series or movie. Plus these scenes might help future movie directors, producer, writer or actor!

How do you feel about the extra features? I love them and I think it could help them. While it certainly is not needed per se for the mega hit movie, but it could help them rank in more sales with their DVD and Blu-Ray. I am sure that Lionsgate won’t be complaining about this. It will give the fans more of a reason to buy an actual hard copy of the movie and not download it. Nothing screams fans like those who want to collect as much Hunger Games that they can. I am sure it will be on top of DVD sales for a good while and be a popular gift for the holiday season.

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