The Wanted Confirms Upcoming Justin Bieber Tour

The Wanted have had success in America, much like their UK counterparts One Direction. But now the boys confirmed the rumor that their new manager Scooter Braun started this past spring. They will be indeed touring with Justin Bieber and are writing songs that are inspired by him, which could be a hint of a future duet! Here is what the boys had to say about Justin and Scooter, along with their love of becoming more “clean” for America at the hands of Scooter.

Jay shared the following-

Hopefully with Scooter now as our manager things will really take off. He bends over ­backwards for us. We are quite messy characters and although we are still messy, he is making us presentable to America. He’s hooking us up with Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. We’re planning to tour with Justin. We have started writing in the last few months and some stuff there is

It sounds like they are living the dream! I am happy that Scooter has taken them under his wing and is helping them, they could use that extra push since One Direction is talked about more often. With Scooter they may have a good chance at climbing onto the charts and staying on them for a good while on the upper level. After all, I am sure they want to be able to top off their biggest competition and also prove that they are in the business seriously, despite of being labeled as a boy band. At their age, they are trying to show that they are not part of the teen boy band trend that is currently at its peak. If anything, their music proves that point as the biggest in my eyes.

How do you feel about this news? I like the idea and I am glad that they have a great team behind them. But I am not so sure how some of Justin’s fans will feel about this news. I think more of his fans are fans of One Direction and are rooting for those a duet with the band. So it will be interesting to see how well this tour will sell and to see how the fans of One Direction will feel about The Wanted and their ties to Justin now that Scooter is working for them as well.

article source-Cambio & The Daily Record

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