Selena Gomez Calls Herself Blessed After 20th Birthday

Selena Gomez recently had her 20th birthday party at the <em>Teen Choice Awards 2012 and afterwards, taken on a romantic date with Justin Bieber. She won Best Group award and also was given cupcakes, along with the birthday song! But perhaps the real highlight was going on the part bus afterwards with Justin and going to Il Cielo! The lucky birthday girl was certainly given a beautiful cake by the looks of the photo tweeted and she was smiling so hard. Of course, the night wasn’t complete until she tweeted about her big day! Here is the tweet that she made about the wonderful day she had.

Beyond blessed, so much love. Thank you for the most incredible birthday yet! I’m truly, truly grateful. I love my family, friends and all of you.

I am glad that she had a wonderful birthday! She is no longer a teen and I am wonder how she feels about that? I can only assume that she must feel so proud and blessed to be where she is today. She has so many amazing chances that most 20 year-olds will never have and I know that I would feel so blessed if I was her. It is nice to see that she did share that she is blessed, but hopefully she realizes that much more often than just on her birthday.

How do you like her tweet? I find it lovely and I hope she was able to spend some time with Demi Lovato. That would have been a great gift for her. I also love that she was able to win an award on her birthday. That is just another way to make her big day that much even more bigger. I hope that she can always look back on her 20th birthday and smile over how grand it was. It seems almost like it was a ball for her, even though it was an award show for many. Then again, I suppose it was a bigger deal for her since we know her birthday was going on the same day the event took place. However, even if it wasn’t at least she did win an award that would make attending the show well worth it.

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