Scooter Braun Talks Why Justin Bieber Dropped Taylor Swift Duet

Justin Bieber made a big to do about featuring Taylor Swift and Kanye West duets on his new album Believe, but fans quickly noticed that no such songs were included on it. Up until now, nobody has addressed the let down. Now his manager Scooter Braun recently opened up about why they were left off and said that it did not bode well with the rest of it. You can hear his whole explanation in the video down below, however, he did not say what the future will be for both songs.

I am upset that they sneakily shelved the songs. I am sure that they both would have done well, but I suppose Justin has a certainly sound he is going for and maybe neither of those songs fitted that image? I do hope that he did pay both of them for their time though, since they won’t be seeing royalties for a long time from-if not ever. I also think this raises the question about Taylor featuring Justin on her album. Will it happen or not? I mean, Justin seemed to be really committed to it and we know Taylor sounded to be excited for their duet. So I do think that should be the next question for them to answer.

Are you upset that they dropped the duets? I am, but that is sadly the music industry. I do wish that they warned us, though. I think that would have been the right way to go and to prove to their fans that they are not hiding anything. However, we could say that the damage has been done on that level. Let’s hope that one day he will release both of the songs and make sure that they receive all the love that they deserve to have. After all, that was why they were originally recorded in the first place.

article source-Cambio

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