Joe Jonas Swings By Orlando To Dish on The Next

Joe Jonas stopped by a local Orlando news station to discuss his new show The Next: Fame At Your Doorstep. He dished on why he loves the show and what he thinks will make it great TV. He also explains it better as what the show is about and how it will work. Joe and rest of the mentors will help hopeful singers who will compete against each other, leading up to the one winner who lands a record deal. Each mentor (which also includes Gloria Estefan) is given only 72 hours to get each singer ready for the competition. Joe was in Orlando for a taping of the show and was encountered by fans singing to him. You can catch that video, along with the one of his interview down below. The show will premier on the CW this upcoming August 16.

I am glad that Joe is able to talk about the show. It will give it a good boost that we all need to remind us of what a promising show it will be. I can see it easily becoming one of the summer’s hit series and have a good following just based on the fact that they adore him. However, I won’t say that it isn’t risk as well. With current music competitions hurting, it seems to be very possible that it could flop-even though I am doubting that will be the case. It seems like Joe’s fans have been more than willing to show support by tuning into the show every week.

How you like the interview? Did Joe do a good job explaining the show? I think so, but then again I am rooting for it to make through its first season. I think it could help his career and his band’s return as a whole. So yes, I am supporting the show and I do believe that I will tune into it to see how well he does as a mentor. I am personally looking forward to see how well he does at that.

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