Harry Styles Of One Direction Is Not Dating Anyone

Harry Styles is not dating Caggie Dunlop, despite of rumors. The match maker of the group is still single and has no ties to her, according to his rep. Harry is often paired up with older women, according to many gossip rags who follow the UK band. However, none of these rumors have panned out to be true as of yet. Harry is currently taking a break and recording their next album with the rest of the guys. They already have their US summer 2013 tour booked and will be doing some one off shows through out the end of the year. As for what Harry’s rep had to say about his rumored relationship, here it is.

Harry and Caggie are not dating and are not romantically involved.

Poor Harry Styles, just another failed attempt to partner him up with someone. I do wonder why they always do make him “date” older women? It seems a tad bizarre, but I guess that helps make the stories all that much more fun to follow? That is the only reason or if he has expressed interest in only older women? Those are the only ways I can see why he would be rumored with them. I always assumed that someone his own age would be more of his speed. But I suppose we could all be wrong about that, right?

How do you feel about this rumor? Should Harry of One Direction focus on music and music alone? I think so, but that also applies for all of the guys. They are young and they will only have this chance to becoming famous one, then all they have to worry about is staying famous.So while they can enjoy it and before they become sick of it, I think they should be enjoying their first year or two. However, I will say the taken boys should be grateful for their girlfriend’s being so understanding, while Harry and Niall Horan can enjoy their fame sample table a little bit more, I suppose?

article source-Disney InfoNet

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  1. Bomb2376

    July 18, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    I think Harry should date me!! I would be with him all the time and live him more everyday plus I’m his age

  2. sarah alvis

    July 20, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    i don’t think he’ll be single for his life he’ll fine the right person one day you never know

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