Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City’s Good Times Video Preview

Carly Rae Jepsen recently worked with Owl City on a song called “Good Time”, which is sitting at #10 in the iTunes chart. However, they also released a preview for the official music video that will premiere on July 24th. However, you can catch the preview of the music video down below, which features both the band and Carly! It will mae you want to sing along and count down the days until the actual release of the music video, which will likely climb iTunes charts as well!

I am pleased to see Carly working with other artists besides just Justin Bieber. She needs to build a name of her own and I feel like if she just worked under Justin then she would never get on her own feet. So while I do feel like she should be focusing on solo music, it is nice to see that she is working with other people besides Justin. It is a nice needed break from him, but come on, she has enough talent to stand on her own feet! Just look at how well “Call Me Maybe‘ has done on the charts and radio. That is all of the proof that is needed, so I see no reason for her label on working on her career as a whole.

How do you like the preview? Do Carly and Owl City sound good together? I think so, but I also think they sound good on their own. I don’t see why they would need either one’s help, other than to release a huge mega hit. So it is good for their sales, but I am still hoping that they can reach that same kind of success some more when they do release more of their own work. Nobody wants to see their fame wane outside of this duet.

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