Niall Horan Of One Direction Shares His Favorites With Fans

Everyone’s favorite One Direction band member, Niall Horan recent sat down with a fan and answered some questions. He was given some simple personality based questions, such as his favorite pet and favorite flavor. He was pleasant and kept solid answers flowing for the lucky girl. Best of all, he does break out and sing a tad bit for laughs! He certainly did a good job, even if he wasn’t the most excited person in the room. While some will point out this nerves, he once again shows the world what a sweet and dorky guy he really is. You will find the full interview down below if you wish to find out what he likes and does not like! It will certainly win over more adoring fans for the band as a whole.

Niall Horan certainly is a charmer! It is amazing that he hasn’t been in a serious relationship yet that we know of (well, besides the Demi Lovato rumors). I mean, the girls fawn for him and I would assume that would be a case before he blew up to be this big as well. He is the Justin Timberlake of this new boy band era, that much we do know. I personally would love to find out what the rest of the band feels about his popularity? That would be very interesting when you consider how much the fans love Niall the most.

How did you like the interview? Were you surprised by any of these new facts he shared? I know some people were surprised by his animal choice, but that really is a more personal thing than just something general that you can guess. Beyond that, it was a solid one and allowed his fans to learn even more about him. Now you all know what you can say to him if you ever meet him and know what he likes. It can give all of his fans stuff to talk about and can help make all of us feel a little bit closer to him now.

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