Drake Bell Attends Final Taping of iCarly

Fans maybe super sad the final taping for Nickelodeon’s favorite show iCarly has finished.  But even so that did not mean some of the shows friends did not stop by to show their support.

Drake Bell best known for his on the hit show Drake & Josh was in the audience for the final taping.  Miranda Cosgrove went to Twitter and said ‘@DrakeBell Thanks for being there last night it meant a lot. I wish I would’ve hung out with you more but I couldn’t stop crying lol.’  Sounds like Miranda had quite the emotional final taping.  Of course this is no big surprise after five seasons have come to a close.  Miranda Cosgrove, the 19 year-old star of the show, has spoken about the atmosphere of the “iCarly” set during the last few days of filming.  She mentioned that every has been crying, but it is not so sad as everybody’s moving on to new things.

Miranda has mentioned that while everything has been the last table read, last rehearsal, last scene but Miranda will be starting her new career as a full time student when she heads to USC in August to start school in film.  What do you think of this?  Are you sad the final episode filmed?

Source News: Nickutopia

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