Bieber Fever Saves Justin Bieber’s Apollo Concert

Justin Bieber ended his Around the World tour at the Apollo in NYC, which all went well until the end took a turn. The lights went out and Justin had to become crafty to keep his fans entertained. So what did he do? He asked his fans to help join in him in a cappella version of “Boyfriend“! Of course his fans stepped up and helped him out during the song, making it a highlight of this tour for him. The video of the Apollo performances can be found at the bottom. As for Justin’s reaction after the show, here are a few of his tweets to help sum up his feelings about the concert.

Me and @ludacris blew up the power at the @ApolloTheater. Haha. Epic…A night none of us will ever forget!! That is how u end an #AllAroundTheWorld run!!! With no power for the last song…my fans sang it 4 me…What I saw tonight! My fans! My Beliebers! They stepped up for me! I love u! I will never forget 2nite! That was the way a show should end..

He certainly sounded happy with the results! I will say that he is a great example of a star who has an amazing fan base. They back him up and are always rooting for him. It really is mind blowing when you think about it, but at the same time it is so good for him. I am sure his morale is up and he must be feeling like one of the luckiest men in the world thanks to his fans. As for the power going out, it makes me wonder what is going on? The Wanted also blew power out in LA recently and that is just crazy! Are the cities not keeping up with the ever growing demand for power?

How do you feel about the fans stepping up? Should Justin do something special for his fans at the Apollo? I would think so, but he does have that TV special and I am sure his fans can count on more movies soon enough. However, maybe by offering to do another free show there would be a great way for him to say thanks to those fans. That would top off that very special bond he now has with them.

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