Tiffany Thornton: Disney Channel So Random Is Cancelled

After Disney switched Sonny with a Chance to So Random, we all knew that it hit the skids. Now a pregnant Tiffany Thornton talks about the cancellation and memories from the show. She clearly seems sad, but as we all know the whole cast pretty much has moved on and it makes sense to leave the series behind. You can find the interview down below where she confirms the rumors and talks fondly of her memories on set.

I am sad to see the series go, but without Demi, it just fell apart. She was the glue in it and she had to put herself first. I do admire Disney for trying to keep her co-stars on air, but it just failed. Tiffany seems to be handling it well, even if she is sad. I think they all have been through so much together and to see it end is sad. It is also a start for the cast and hopefully they will find more work soon enough. I don’t think any of them were pleased with how So Random went, and I have a feeling most found a way to stay busy in case of this.

Are you surprised that they ended the series? Do you think Demi’s departure had anything to do with this? I do and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way. She was the whole reason for the show and Disney tried to make it work, but they couldn’t. Nobody wanted to see the show that they made up. It just was not the same the fact that the names switched did not help. However, it does seem like they might have ended it anyways if none of this ever happened. Disney us just on the road to a new generation of stars and thanks to the age of most of their castmembers, it wouldn’t have worked so well for them. What do you guys think?

article source-Disney InfoNet


  1. serge

    I’m so glad that the show was was so stupid..I still don’t get how it did it to stay on air for that long..I do love the shows on Disney but this one it was just trash with weak performance from everybody..I know you won’t be agree with me but that’s what I think..

  2. Random

    It was a horrible show. Im glad it ended. The jokes were horrible. The skits were horrible. There was no storyline whatsoever. All in all the show was horrible. Even worser then the amanda show. Actually no its better then the amanda show but its still horrible.

  3. poltergeistgirl334423

    i hated that show!!!!!!!!!! both of them! glad they’re over!!!!!

  4. carolanne


  5. sexyandiknowit

    they cancelled it also because Tiffany Thorton got married and pregnant so they couldn’t have her on there and she was the only character that didn’t fail completely. they said she wouldn’t be such a good role model because she got pregnant and she plays someone thats at least 16 or 17 years old.

  6. Can So Random come back on Disney Channel please?

  7. Dear Disney Channel, So Random was the best show ever, can So Random be back on Disney Channel please?

  8. SO R@N:DOM! COME BACK! (crying)

  9. Kamijo

    I don’t even know what sonny with a chance was about nor do I care. So Random was awesome and frankly Demi lavato her personal problems aside is a stuck up and self absorbed person… .

    • arsenic

      She left for her own problems. I’ve met her and she is one of the sweetest people.

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