Miley Cyrus Becomes An Aunt At Last…To Chris Hemsworth Baby

Liam Hemsworth is now an uncle to his brother Chris Hemsworth’s(and sister-in-law Elsa Pataky’s) baby. They had a baby girl that they named India over Friday. The happy couple announced the news to USA Today and shared these comments with the exciting news for the Hemsworth family.

We loved the country and love the name. Coming from a family of three boys, my mother was very much a feminist. When we would call each other ‘girls,’ she would say, ‘What is wrong with a girl?’ Girls can be strong and you have to respect that. And we should encourage more strong female leads in films.

This is great news to lead Chris’s upcoming movie, Snow White and the Huntsman. I am sure that this will make the premiere that much more important for the couple. Best of all, Liam can be a cool uncle to the new baby. However, that does make me wonder if we should call Miley Cyrus an aunt? It seems like they are very close and in a way, she would be an aunt by de-facto, right? To me that would make perfect sense, even if they are engaged or married as of yet.

How do you feel about the news? Should Liam and Miley be next? I am not sure, but I am thrilled for Chris and his wife. It was the perfect early Mother’s Day gift for her! I approve of the name as well, even if it isn’t as common as some names like, say Tiffany. At least it isn’t named after an animal or food. Plus I suppose you can say India is a valid, real name so it works out. I just hope that soon enough we can see the photo of their new bundle of joy with them. I also hope that they share it via social media and not through magazines!

article source-Disney InfoNet

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