Justin Bieber : Usher Dances Better Than Me

Justin Bieber is not afraid to do dance battles and when it comes to do one with his mentor Usher, he steps up. Yet he claims that he can not compete with his older mentor who has more experience and is known for his Michael Jackson-like moves. He talked all about it to MTV News during a recent interview they gave him in support of his new album. You can find out what he all had to say about the dance battle with Usher down below this post.

I am glad that Justin is okay with losing to him. We all know that Usher is a fabulous dancer who has mad skills and moves. I expect Justin will be able to be as smooth as he is, but we also have to remind ourselves that he is on 18. When compared to someone in his 30s, it seems like a big age gap. However, that wasn’t said to downplay all that Justin has accomplished. He had other dance show offs and he has won. It is just a matter of who has been working harder or longer at it. He will be up to par with Usher in a few years most likely.

How do you feel about Justin Bieber dance-offs? I think they sound like a lot of fun, but I don’t think anyone takes it too serious. They are more there to have fun and I am sure he knows that he can dance. I think have fun competitions is healthy and he is clearly having fun. I just hope that maybe he can do a public dance off again with some other dancers. It could be done for charity, which would be a good reason to have one and bring in other stars. I am sure it could do well and they would all have so much fun. However, I know some might feel as if that is cheesy or not the right thing. But Justin clearly enjoys these kinds of things and if they can put a positive spin on it, it could turn out to be a good thing. What do you guys all think?

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article source-MTV

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