Selena Gomez Sends Virtual Kisses

Selena Gomez has a lot to thank her fans for and she knows it. Maybe that is why she chose to send a photo of her blowing a kiss to her fans. She even joked about it turning out awkward, but did not feel too bad about the whole thing. The concept was beyond sweet and gave us one more reason to love one of our favorite former child stars; here is what she tweeted along with the photo, if you are curious to know what she did have to say about the photo.

Btw I love you allllll so much! An awkward kiss for ya.

I am so happy seeing that Selena Gomez was wanting to send love back to her fans. How many stars will do that? I am pleased that she loves that much and who cares if the photo is cheesy? It is the feeling and purpose of it that counts. She clearly loves her fans and wants them to know that. I have no doubt that she has big plans in line for the future. Now if she could only share them with the rest of us, then maybe we can start building up our excitement for more beyond her upcoming movies.

How do you feel about her photo? Is it cute, or cheesy? I liked it, but I am a fan of nice and friendly photos. It feels like a candid and I love candids. I think they have a lot more meaning to them and this photo is proof of it. She doesn’t care if she looked weird or not, she just wanted her fans to know that she loves them. I hope we can expect a lot more candids since Selena Gomez is not on tour. I think it would make fans feel a lot better to see that they haven’t lost their favorite celebrity to fame.

article source-Disney Dreaming image source-Selena Gomez

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