Selena Gomez As Mavis In Hotel Transylvania Trailer

We have the trailer for Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez’s Hotel Transylvania. It is slated to open on September 18th and will be Selena’s big voice acting project of 2012. She plays Dracula’s daughter who is having her 118th birthday party and thus has a birthday party with fellow monsters. However, they wind up with an uninvited guest who happens to be human and crushes on Mavis (who is Selena’s character in the movie). You will find the trailer at the very bottom of this post if you are curious to see the movie.

I am excited to see how Adam and Selena Gomez work together. They both have drastically different styles and the fact that they had to pull together for this movie makes it very interesting. I have high hopes that they were able to work together and make it work. From the looks of it, it sounds like it will be an ideal family film to help start kick off the fall/winter movie season. Plus it will be a whole new experience for Selena. She has yet ever had a similar acting job and while she did play a witch, I don’t think it can be compared to her role in this movie. I would consider them both very different from the other role.

Are you eager for it to come out? Does it sound like a great fit for Selena or not? I think so, but then again I am a fan of hers and I love seeing her stretch her career even more. I think it could help her find a different kind of actress in her and maybe even open more doors for her. Or at least that is sort of the idea to take on such different roles for Selena Gomez to help prevent typecasting. What do you think?

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