One Direction Present & Perform At 2012 Logie Awards

One Direction headed to Australia for the 2012 Logie Awards. They were there to sing two songs (“What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Thing”).and presented the Most Popular New Female Band award. All of it was captured on film, which you will find down below. This also took place on the same weekend they announced the 2013 North American tour dates, which you can go ahead and buy already.

I am pleased to see that they are so popular in Australia. It is nice to see that they have gained so much attention there. I hope we can see more of them doing more shows there. I am sure their fan bases want to see more shows and hopefully have a decent sized tour going through. Let’s not to forget New Zealand eithe! I am sure that they have a decent fan base there who are wanting to see them in their country (even though they don’t have to wait that much longer).

How do you feel about their stop in Australia? Do you wish to see them in any other countries as well? I would love to see them go to Asia, South and Central Americas. I think they would likely have a lot of fans there as well. They should do everything they can to be able to say a thank you for all of their amazing support that they have had thus far. Then again, I am sure that they are more than eager to visit other places. But it is sadly out of their hands at this point. Maybe they can influence them to book a world tour, but I am pretty sure that they won’t win that fight yet. Usually debut albums never have a full world tour (by that I mean besides North America, UK and Australia), so I am sure that rule will sadly apply with them as well.

article source-Shine On Media

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