One Direction Harry Styles Friends With Taylor Swift

One Direction’s Harry Styles recently admitted his crush on Taylor Swift and she has responded well! According to him, the two met during the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards and traded numbers. He even shares that the two are still texting and they are good friends according to his own words. Sadly, we do not know if he means more than that or not yet. Here is what he all had to say about their new found friendship!

We met in America. She is very talented. She’s very nice… We’re friends

Harry, of course, did not state if they are more than friends or even if Taylor has responded with mutual feelings. But we can all agree that she must like him enough at least as a friend. Since she is working on her new album, I wonder if we can expect her to maybe have a few love songs? It seems like she can change her mind, even though she did say that it will be about heartbreak. Maybe Harry can change her mind and give her a happy topic?!

Are you glad that they are friends? Should they become more than friends, despite that he is taken? I think that would be up to those two when it comes down to it. At the very least, they can be good friends and that is more than what most can say about their celebrity crushes. Most are not friends with them, so he is very lucky when you think about all of it. Let us hope that they can stay in contact and see where it goes from there. It does seem like they are in a very good start in that direction, so they might have a very good shot if they play it right from the start of it all. Hopefully that is what they are doing from the get go.

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