Pop sensations Big Time Rush just released a music video for their latest single “Elevate” and we got the video for you below(check it out).

Big Time Rush is one of the most popular bands out there right now and for reason! They’re a talented group of guys who can sing, dance, and act.

Elevate is a cool music video that features numerous clips from concerts and backstage scenes. The video also features various clips of fans cheering on the band. It’s a fun video but unfortunately, it doesn’t really tell a story like most videos do.

What’s your take on this music video? Do you like the song and the video? I think the video was pretty good but as I stated before, I wished it showed a story with a plot. Of course that doesn’t mean that the plot or storyline in the video has to follow the song to a tee but it would make a lot more sense(in my opinion). All my thoughts aside, BTO did a pretty good job on their music video. Was Elevate your favorite video? Is there another video from this band that you like better, and if that answer is yes, which ones?

Article source from Nickutopia