Lily Collins I Believe (In Love) Music Video from Mirror Mirror

Lily Collins‘ big role as Snow White in the hit family film Mirror Mirror has give her a chance to show off her vocal chops. She sang a song in the movie herself called “I Believe (In Love)”. The big song was something that Lily has said to be proud of. You will be able to catch the huge moment in the movie in the video down below. The track is included on the movie’s soundtrack, so if you want to be able to get an actual copy you can buy the album or MP3. You will find the video of her song at the very bottom.

I am pleased to see that Lily had the chance to sing. So many actors don’t get the chance or they use someone else’s voice. So I have major respect for her on that level. That could not have been easy for her or anyone who is not known for their singing or does that for their job. Despite of that, I do think she did a decent job when you consider it was her first time singing in a movie. I do love the sound of it and I hope that she might try her hand at it again. While it was heavy auto-tuned, I am not going to hold it against her. Plus auto-tune can only do so much and she can carry a note which auto-tune cannot correct.

How do you feel about her song? Is it good or bad? I liked it, even though I am not much of a dance music fan, but I really did enjoy it. I agree it had a heavy auto-tune edit, but at least we know that she has the chance of being a great singer. She should just give it a chance again and let her talent shine through. I do believe she has it in her and does not need help of editing from software at all for her voice.

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