Ashley Tisdale & Sarah Hyland For OP Summer Campaign

Brenda Song is no longer a spokesperson for OP clothing line, but they have signed Ashley Tisdale and Sarah Hyland. You will find their photos for the campaign and a behind the scenes look in the video down at the very bottom. Both girls pulled off the campaign well and did their best poses. The clothes that they wore can be bought at Wal-Mart stores and online, as far as we know as of press time.

I love the bright looks that they wore and the fact that it seemed to be more of a lifestyle shoot than anything. They showed the clothes can fit in so many different ways that it is hard to see how come this line is not more popular. The line is fun, simple and colorful clothes that I think most teens would want to wear. Heck, I even want to wear some despite I am no longer a teen. It is a shame that they do not offer them in regular adult clothing lines. I think they would do well as lounge wear or even sports wear. Or at least that is how I see them being worn, which is much like how teens and tweens wear the line as of now. Not much of a different, I suppose. So maybe age isn’t the issue here.

How do you feel about those two new models for this campaign? I think they did a good job, but then again I am a fan of both. I am not sure why Brenda left the contract, but I suppose she may want to do something new with her career. I am pleased to see that Ashley is still working hard to keep her career going. Plus Sarah seems to fit the demographic of age of who they want to market to. No doubt, they will see a spike in sales over this campaign.

article source-Shine On Media

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