Selena Gomez As Mavis In Hotel Transylvania

We told you about Selena Gomez taking Miley Cyrus’ place in Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania. Now we have the first look from it with three photos, one includes Selena’s character Mavis. She will play Dracula’s daughter in it. The movie will actually open on September 28th. As for the plot, it is about a human (voiced by Andy Sandberg) who comes into the hotel that Dracula preserved for his monster friends. They believe he is a monster due to his blue skin and orange hair, but he isn’t and he falls for Mavis. It sounds like it will be a cute movie that will make everyone smile and say “awe”. You will find all 3 photos down below.

I am surprised that we get to see some photos so early! I really like the way it looks. It sort of reminds me of Tim Burton’s work and we all know that I am a fan of his. While I do realize that this movie is not his brainchild, it still sort of reminds me of it. I am already excited for the actual trailer to be released. It sounds like it will be a favorite of mine and right up my alley. I cannot wait to see it and it will keep Selena Gomez in the spotlight for the kids as well even as she moves on to other more adult roles.

Are you excited for the movie? Are you glad that Selena Gomez was picked for Mavis in the movie? I am, I think it will give her a break from her usual stuff and also show us outside of her usual box that we see her in. It should be a lot of fun to watch since I love both Adam and Selena Gomez, so I have no doubt that this movie won’t give us all what we want from it.

article source-Boomtron images source-USA Today

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