Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart Rumored Feud

We all have heard of the so-called feud between The Hunger Games and Twilight stars. The two who have taken the brunt of it is Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence. Of course, none of the rumors are true but Jennifer was concerned that Kristen Stewart might believe it and thus wrote her a letter. You will find the video of her interview with Access Hollywood down below, but here are a few highlights from the interview.

I wrote her an e-mail, because there was this huge like, article about a ‘Twilight’ and ‘Hunger Games’ feud, and we’ve never met before and never spoken, There were all these like, fake quotes from me that were actually hilarious. Some of them were from my ‘pal’ and ‘sources.’ It was hilarious. When I was reading it, I was cracking up.Then I was like, ‘Oh my god. If she reads this, she’s going to think – what if she thinks it’s true? I just shot her an e-mail, and was like, ‘Hey, can’t wait to see more as this feud unfolds!

It sounds like Jennifer Lawrence has a heart of gold! I love that she wanted to make sure that they knew she had zero hard feelings towards them. That is a great gift to give them and also shows that she is a good sport already when it comes to rumors. I am sure she will learn how to handle them even better than ever before. That is just how great she is already. Fame will likely agree with her better than she suspected.

How do you feel about this? Does she care too much or not? I think that is a great part of her and I wish that more people would be like her on that level. Kids need to see that you should care about making sure people know rumors are false. It might save them a lot pain and also to see that you don’t want untrue things about you being spread to others. I really have to applaud Jennifer for this. That had to take some nerve on her half in order to do that.

article source-Breaking Dawn Movie

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