Ashley Greene of Breaking Dawn DKNY Shoot & Campaign Video

Breaking Dawn‘s Ashley Greene recently has recently signed on to model for DKNY Spring 2012 collection. They just released the actual video, but now we also have the behind the scenes video to join it. You will find both videos down below to enjoy for your dose of Ashley (along with a screenshot from the video below) before Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out. You will be excited to see her expanding her horizons outside of acting a little bit.

I am happy to see that she is doing more work other than just acting. It really will help expand her options and also give her a break from acting. I am sure she enjoyed herself and best of all, she did really well. These photos and videos are so professional; it is hard to think that she was turned down before by a modeling agency. It is nice to see that she is able to live her dream even now, despite the fact she was told that she couldn’t do it due to her height. I hope that she will be able to do more of it, since she does seem to love it a lot.

Do you think she models well? I do, and it further proves that the agencies clearly did not know what they were missing by skipping over her. Hopefully, they now see her and are mad at themselves for not signing her. She is now rolling in the dough, even if they skipped over a big star. It certainly has turned out well for her, and I hope that will be able to do more work like this in the near future.

article source-Breaking Dawn Movie

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