Uggs Banned At Pennsylvania School

Uggs may be the strangest fashion statement but the boots are facing some harsh criticism and being banned from a Pennsylvania school.

The principal Gail M. Cooper for Pottstown Middle School outside Philadelphia says that the fur-lined comfy boots and their imitators have become the hiding place of  choice for cellphones and other gadgets that are not supposed to be brought to class.  This ban took effect on Monday and had announced the rule last week in a letter to parents.  Uggs are not the only boots under fire but also apply to boots that do not fit tightly around the calf or ankle.  Boots with laces and or zippers may still be worn as long as they remain zipped and tied.  Cooper’s letter mentioned to parents that the school was having issues with students wearing open top boots and carrying items in their boots that are prohibited in school.

Under the school’s policy, pupils who bring cellphones to school must leave them in their lockers and keep them turned off until the school day ends. But some boots fit in a way that allows kids to evade the rule.  The ban has been met with a lot of negative reaction as many comments saying the idea was crazy and that the next extreme will be not being allowed to wear pants as it is another perfect place to hide items in pockets.  What do you think off all this?  Is cell phone use in school getting too much out of hand?

Source News: Los Angeles Times

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  1. Unicorn12

    February 3, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    How dare them

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