Miranda Cosgrove To Return To Despicable Me 2

Miranda Cosgrove has confirmed that she will be in Despicable Me 2. She tweeted the news that she was back in the studio to record her voice for the movie. She was in the first hit movie that has led to the upcoming sequel that comes out on July 3rd 2013. She tweeted the following message for her fans, confirming her role within the movie.

Working on Despicable Me 2 today!!!

I am glad to see that she is going to be back in the movie. It wouldn’t be the same without her, plus it will look great as a way to diversify her resume. However, I am sure she is ready to land a more mature role a chance soon enough. Until then though, we can enjoy her on this upcoming sequel and iCarly. That should help us stay pleased with our Miranda fandom and also keep her pockets nicely lined.

Do you think she should try her hand at a different type of acting? I think that it could be helpful for her, but you never know for a fact either way until she tries it. I do applaud her for sticking with what has worked for her at this point. I am sure with her starting her adult life she is itching for a tiny bit of freedom. I do suppose the good news is that Nickelodeon doesn’t choke them like Disney does.

article source-Nickutopia

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