Justin Bieber Makes Terminally Ill Fan Dream Come True

Justin Bieber wanted to share some early Valentine Day cheer with a terminally ill fan. He flew out 6 year old, Avalanna Routh to come to NYC for a day together. He played with her, ate cupcakes, and spent time with the darling child. Best of all, it was all captured on camera for the girl and her family. You will be able to catch the sweet video down below if you want to see more of Justin being a great support for Avalanna.

I am pleased to see that Justin wanted to give back to her. It was a sweet touch for her and her parents. The fact that she met the celebrity that she wanted to. I give him major props for that. It really will give her a nice memory and her family. Perhaps it could even be one of her all time highlights. Justin did a great service for her family.

Are you happy that Justin did this? I am and you know that her family must be. It proves what a good sport he is and how much he really cares for his fans. Just the fact that he wanted to make sure that her dream came true, that is golden enough. I am sure that they will only have good things to say about him from now on.

6-year-old with brain cancer lives her dream of meeting Justin Bieber : MyFoxBOSTON.com

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