Unilever is about to introduce a feminine version of Axe, a popular body spray that was originally for men, and market it to women. The new fragrance line is called Anarchy For Her, and it’s supposed to be a floral fantasy with notes of blackberry, amber, sandalwood, apple, and vanilla.

The line of products include a body spray, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. The collection sounds terrific, especially if you love fresh and feminine fragrances.

What do you think of Axe Anarchy for Her? Do you think this venture will prove successful? I sure hope it does! I have yet to try this new scent yet but I love fragrances with a fresh, fun scent and this sounds wonderful. I only have one question about the line, it would be the name. I can’t really imagine a female purchasing a product for herself with the name Axe in it. Do you plan on purchasing one or more of these products? It should be interesting to see how these products sell. As long as they have a good marketing plan and use the right promotional tactics. Tell us your opinion below!

Article source from Today’s The Look