The Vampire Diaries & Secret Circle Return Jan 5th

The CW is hearing up for the return of The Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle. The new episodes start to air on Jan fifth and they are making sure fans are aware of that. They even released a postcard that helps remind the shows fans that are about to kick off their second half of their season.

I am excited to see that they are returning and I think it might even be better than the first half of the season. Secret Circle seems to have found their spot and I am pleased that they did. I figured that they would fix it and grow stronger plots. It is just a shame that they started off with weak ideas at first. But at the very least they did make a rebound.

How do you feel about these shows? Are you a fan of them or are you not? I think that as a network CW finds shows that work out well on their network, which is great news for them, even if they do seem to stick with themes within the shows. They clearly love their paranormal shows and I suppose you can say as a general we all do. I would love to see them release a funny show about aliens. That would fit in with their theme, but it would also be something up my alley.

article & image source-CW

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