Rumor – Lionsgate to Buy Summit Entertainment? Will it Affect The Hunger Games?

Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate are rumored to be in the talks of a merge. The two studios are in hopes of becoming a major one to compete with the likes of Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures. Summit, which is behind Twilight and Lionsgate (they’re behind The Hunger Games) are both trying to find a way to compete in this global economy even better. Despite all the success that Summit has had on its own, rumors are that Lionsgate would be the one to buy them. You can find a few highlights from the LA Times article about it below, but please remember that this is all just a rumor at this stage.

Should the deal close, it would be a victory for Lions Gate Chief Executive Jon Feltheimer and his No. 2, Vice Chairman Michael Burns, who have long eyed Summit and held on-and-off talks to acquire it since 2008.

The duo would remain in charge of Lions Gate after the acquisition, while Summit chiefs Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger would take charge of the combined studio’s motion picture group. As at Summit, Friedman is expected to focus on production marketing while Wachsberger oversees international business…

Lions Gate probably won’t want to shake up its operations immediately, however, as “The Hunger Games,” its biggest movie bet ever, will be released in March. The nearly $100-million production is the first of four planned films based on the bestselling young adult books and has been touted by analysts as the potential source of hundreds of millions of dollars in profits for the company.

Wow, I am shocked to hear this. With Summit’s success and the hopeful future for Lionsgate, it seems more like a bad idea right now. If they were hurting, then yes I could see why they would be tempted. Heck, even with Summit’s success might tempt Lionsgate to try to cash in on some of that by buying them up. But as a whole, I do think that they both are doing well enough to stay as their own. Maybe they could team up and create a third studio that they both co-own and cash in that way. But for a merger to take place, it seems to be a bit much.

Are you concerned that if they do merge that the rest of The Hunger Games‘ trilogy movies will be lost? I would be concerned for a lot of their branding. Summit has made a name for itself via Twilight and to merge with another one would be taking that away- and the same applies to Lionsgate. It just doesn’t seem to be in either of their best interests at this stage.

article source-The Hob

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