Justin Bieber Fans To Release Charity Single

Justin Bieber is known for his charity work and his fans are adopting his policy. They teamed up with Together We Rise and Brush Buddies to release a song for his charity, Believe. The song will come out in March and according to Together We Rise, the fans are also working on the video for it. Here is the full quote that the CEO of Together We Rise (Danny Mendoza) had to say.

They’re all working on pieces of the video and the lyrics. Right now, they’re putting together videos and thank-you’s.’ We’re working on the back end,” It started with a young lady named Vivian, she runs the Justin Crew fan club and she approached it on Twitter. She approached it and she had a lot of fan support, She took it upon herself to take a leadership role, and then she contacted me because she needed some guidance. We just decided we’ll help you do it. Justin Bieber had tweeted about us in the past and helped us get some recognition, so it was a thank-you to him as well

Justin has some great fans. The fact that they want to give him a thank you gift and give back to his charity. That is beyond amazing and proves that his fans will do anything that they can. I am supporting this choice and I hope that they are able to raise the money that they want to. I am sure he will be pleased with the news if he doesn’t know about it yet. I sort of the get the feeling that their single will also have good sales just so that they can give a large donation to Justin’s charity.

Are you planning to buy it once it comes out? I can’t say until I hear how it sounds, but I do like the concept. I hope that it turns out as good as they hope for it does. I am sure that Justin will love it no matter what, but in order for it to have the highest earnings possible. Also, do you hope that others catch on and join this movement?

article source-Cambio

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  1. Madison Parenteau

    January 30, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Heyy Justin Bieber whats up r u ginna sing live in Winnepeg for a concert

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