Joe Jonas Hints At New Music From Jonas Brothers in 2012

Joe Jonas has finally confirmed what fans of the Jonas Brothers have been asking for the past year. Cambio asked him what him the New Year’s resolution was. He said he wanted to make more music and that includes making music with his brothers. This news comes at the heels of the previously unreleased song that came out by the Jonas Brothers. None of the 3 have confirmed if it was a new song directly, but if you read between the lines it looks it might be a new song. You can hear what he had to say, along with a slew of other celebrities talking about their own music in the video below.

I am happy to hear that they do plan on working on new music. This will likely be the closest answer to answer our question until they are ready to announce a real comeback. Despite of the lack of a real answer, it does at least confirm what we all have been wondering. I have no doubt that before long we will have some serious news about their return soon enough.

Are you happy about this news? I think most fans will be thrilled about it. We all likely started wondering if they broke up or not. The lack of communication hurt them most, but Joe has offered us all some hope now at last. I am sure most of their fans will be hounding them about it now, though.

article source-Cambio

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