Demi Lovato Bonds With Miley Cyrus Over Twitter

Demi Lovato briefly touched on the topic of Miley Cyrus after getting out of rehab, making many question if they are still friends or not. Demi has finally reached back out to Miley via Twitter and the two have started bonding again. The two talked about Demi’s vacation, with Miley sharing tips on how to relax. You can see what they had to say right below this paragraph.

demetria lovato: Not tweeting much because I’m on a mini-vacation enjoying my time away from everything. Hope you guys understand. J
miley cyrus: @ddlovato you deserve it and enjoy it! Take it one step further from not tweeting and just turn off you phone

It is great to see that those two are reconnecting. I think part of the issue is that the media did not want them to be friends and then they also seem drastically different. Even Demi admitted that they fought often, but still were able to stay on good terms. So she even realizes that they may not ever be the bestest of best friends, but it is nice to see that they still connect with each other on certain levels. Maybe one day their bond will grow even more, but until then I do think this will be the best that we will see happen for a while.

How do you feel about those two bonding again? To be honest, I have lost count how many times they have been friends and then fight. However, I will say that I do suspect that maybe some of the times those stories could have been made up. So I suppose we will never really know if or when they had their big falling out.

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  1. Smileatic

    January 9, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Their friendship is truly beautiful. Friends fight and make back up but they manage to look past each others differences and they have a strong friendship. As Demi said they are both strong headed. They are both beautiful young girls and they make a perfectly unperfect friendship

  2. gie

    January 9, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    On Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus friendship

    Of course, if DEMI L. has a condition called bifolar, friendship under this condition is not easy unfortunately.Whoever – the friend is, whether it’s Mliey, or anybody conflict may develop quickly without fronting sometimes. that’s how bifolar do to a person.However, Demi is a strong person and hopefully, she will be able to understand herself and will be able to overcome whatever problems that may arise under bifolar condition. Hopefully, also all her friends will uderstand what Demi is going through.

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