Celebrities Play Nintendo 3DS At Sundance Film Festival

Who doesn’t love playing the 3DS? It seems like the answer is nobody! With the Sundance Film Festival happening over the weekend, many of the celebrities stopped by the Nintendo 3DS Experience lounge to check out the new gaming system. Many of the stars that stopped by included Malin Akerman (“Couples Retreat”), Michael Cera (“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”), Lil Jon (recording artist), Mehcad Brooks (“True Blood”), Nolan Gould (“Modern Family”)and Anthony Mackie (“The Adjustment Bureau”).

All the celebs who stopped by spent time with Nintendo 3DS games and enjoyed the festive lounge atmosphere. You can see a few of the pictures below of those who experienced the new 3D gaming console.

Photo credit:  Wire Image/Jason Merritt

Nintendo 3DS Lounge Attendees include:

Agnes Bruckner (“The Pact”)

Anne O’Shea (Producer, “Goats”)

Casper Van Dien (“The Pact”)

Daniel Martinico (Director, “OK, Good”)

David Oyelowo (“The Help”)

Frankie Shaw (“The End of Love”)

Haley Hudson (“The Pact”)

Hugo Armstrong (“OK, Good”)

Jason Ritter (“The Event” and “Parenthood”)

Kaycee Stroh (“High School Musical”)

Anthony Mackie (“The Adjustment Bureau”)

Lil Jon (Rapper)

Malin Akerman (“Couples Retreat”)

Megan Park (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”)

Mehcad Brooks (“Necessary Roughness” and “True Blood”)

Michael Cera (“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and “Juno”)

Nolan Gould (“Modern Family”)

Scott Wolf (“Party of Five”)

Tyler Hilton (“Walk the Line”)


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  1. Stephen

    January 25, 2012 at 11:35 am

    Oh boy! I hope they get their Gold Pants Miis :)

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