Ashley Benson Replaces Emma Roberts in Spring Breakers With Selena Gomez

Ashley Benson will join Selena Gomez for the upcoming film Spring Breakers. James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens will also star in the movie. They start shooting in February. She will be filling in for Emma Roberts’ role, since it was recently announced that Emma had to leave the project behind. This is good news for Sel and Ash, since both have been friends as of recently.

While I am sad that Emma will no longer be in the movie, I am excited for Ashley. It will be fun to see how well she does in roles that are more serious. It sounds like she will be in a very unique environment much like Selena. However, I do think that both girls will do well. It most likely won’t be too much of a stretch for either of them. No doubt,that we will see some good acting from them and hopefully we will find out more about Ashley’s role as we get closer to it being released.

Do you think Ashley is a good addition to the movie? I think she will be a fun one. I cannot really say that she will be perfect since we don’t really know about her role. Even then, I think that only time will tell us just how good those two play bad girls or not. In the mean time, we need to hang on to what we do know.

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  1. Liliana

    February 3, 2012 at 1:06 am

    I think Ashley Benson is a great pick to replace Emma! if you already know that she and Selena will be playing bad girls than you have to know that she plays an amazing bad girl! have you seen her in the lifetime movie fab five?? she plays a mean cheerleader and she really makes you hate her!

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