Taylor Swift’s Ours Music Video & Behind The Scenes Look

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been working hard with this last album and before she steps away to record a new one she releases a new single. It is called ”Ours” and the music video was freshly released. It features Zach Gilford in it. You can find the full music video and behind the scenes in the videos down below this post.

I love that Taylor included her kitten in them; it is such a cute touch. It is also nice to see that she wants her fans to have something that helps keep them busy while she is gone. The album was a smash and so was every single that came off it. She knows how to have a successful album and she proved it once more with Speak Now. And I am sure she will do that again with her upcoming album.

How do you feel about her music video? Was the song a good pick to close out one album’s radio life? I think that she choose a song that is close to her. Moreover, it is sweet as it seems like she is calling her relationship with fans as sweet as she can. Sure, it is not a memorable song per se, but it is a nice note that she likely spent hours on.

article sources-Ocean Up and MTV

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